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Beam Safety Clips

Beam Safety Clips are designed to reduce the risk of a beam disengaging from the upright of a frame. These clips are made from high tensile steel with an electroplated process to reduce rusting. 
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Bracing Block / Spacer

A bracing block / spacer is used when a single brace meets a frame upright or post.It prevents the frame from being crushed when bracing is tightened. 
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Column Guards

Column Guards are used to reduce the potential damage to pallet racking systems caused by forklift operations. The protectors are designed in several different styles to best suit all types of pallet racking applications. 
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Footplates / Base Plates

Footplates or Base plates are a very important aspect of pallet racking, as they are used to provide a point of support for the pallet rack upright to be fixed to the concrete floor and provide weight support for the entire frame. 
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Frame Bracing

Frame Bracing refers to the diagonals and horizontals that tie the posts together, thus forming a frame. The different bracing combinations are used to provide the appropriate strength to the frame. 
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Frame Posts / Uprights

Frame Posts/Uprights are a component of the frame. Each post is punched and formed with locating holes into which the beams lock.They are available in four types. 
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Frame Ties

Frame Ties are used to secure frames in back to back and double deep applications. They provide the recommended space required between each frame for a standard pallet. 
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Frames are the uprights of a racking system. The basic frame consists of a pair of uprights, horizontal and diagonal frame braces, bracing bolts, bracing blocks, base plate and fixing. 
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Levelling Plates

Levelling Plates are designed to assist in the levelling of a racking system. They are positioned between the floor surface and a frame footplate or base plate, thus solving the problem of a floor surface with slight imperfections and irregularities. 
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Maintenance and Load Safety Signs

Maintenance and Load Safety Signs are a mandatory requirement with the installation of every new pallet racking system that is accessed by a forklift, or the height of the top beam level is greater than 2400mm from the ground. 
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Particle Board Retainers

Particle Board Retainers are used to secure particle board to each shelf level and provide a method of positively locating particle board decking without any permanent type of fixing. 
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Post Pallet Channels

Post Pallet Channels serve as guide for pallet boxes, mesh cages and other containers with legs or feet. The skid channels lock over the standard racking beams and can be adjusted along the beams to suit every style of post pallet box. 
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Racking Guard - Universal Wraparound Type

Loadmaster Rack Protectors are designed to reduce potential damage caused by forklift operation. The protectors achieve this by providing a buffer between a pallet racking upright and the forklift or palletised stock. They are available in several diffe 
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Splice Kits

Splice kits are designed to extend the storage height of the existing frames. 
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