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To ensure the safe operation of any warehouse, it is important to conduct routine pallet racking inspections. Any damage or stress to the frames can weaken the racking and reduce the load carrying capacity, potentially putting your staff and inventory at risk.

Noble Trading Manufacturing specialises in the repair or replacement of any compromised pallet racking and is qualified to recommend safety protection, dependent upon your individual requirements

Staff at Noble Trading Manufacturing are able to inspect and evaluate your existing racking system to ensure compliance with Australian Occupational Health and Safety standards. Safety Sign Audits are also available.

To minimise any accidental damage to your racking system, there are a number of items available to reduce potential impact damage from forklifts and pallet jacks. Call today to order your rack protection.

In the interests of OH&S Safety Inspections, we are pleased to offer the following:
•    Safety Signage (maintenance and general warehouse signage)
•    Safety Clips, Locking Pins and Beam Clips
•    Mesh Safety Barriers
•    Walkway Barriers
•    Rack End Protectors (both heavy duty and light duty)
•    Safety Audits and Reports

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